New Roofing


Maple Roofing & Construction, Inc. will remove existing shingles and underlayment and fully inspect wood deck (at this time we will assess for damaged wood and replace as needed). Once your roof deck is properly prepped and ready for roof system, our Professional and Knowledgeable Installers will install our 5-part match roof system. (Please contact us for information on our top of the line Scope of Work.)


Install a second layer of shingles over an existing layer. Cut back Eave and Rake edge shingle and remove existing cap. Install new layer of shingles of customers’ choice pursuant to the scope of work on the contract. (Existing shingle and deck will determine if reroof is applicable)

Flat Roofing / Low Sloped Roofing

Commercial and residential – we’ve got you covered!

  • Fully Adhered EPDM Roof Systems
  • SBS Modified Roof Systems