Residential Roofing Services In Waterford, MI, And Nearby Communities

man working on roofYour roof is the first layer of defense between the elements and your home and plays a pivotal role in preserving your home’s structural integrity. A damaged or decaying roof poses a serious safety risk to your home and family. Maple Roofing & Construction prides itself on delivering quality products and residential roofing services at competitive prices.

Maple Roofing & Construction has been servicing Waterford, Michigan, and other nearby communities for over 25 years. You can count on top-notch residential roofing inspections, repairs and replacements performed by our professional certified staff. Whether you need simple roof repairs or a whole new roof, our roofing experts have you covered.

Roof Inspections

When you’re unsure of your roof’s condition, order a professional roof inspection. We offer comprehensive inspections, for a fee, to identify roofing issues that require attention. Regular inspections often reveal a wide range of commonly overlooked issues and should be scheduled annually and anytime you’ve experienced severe weather or other events that could cause roof damage.

Roof Maintenance

Consistent residential roofing maintenance is crucial no matter what type of roof you have. Routine maintenance finds current leaks, prevents future leaks and extends your roof’s life by discovering small issues before they become costly problems. Scheduling maintenance with the same provider also allows us to keep an eye on areas we feel are fine now but may become issues later.

Roof Repairs

Even the best roofing systems eventually wear out, but spot repairs for minor damage delays the need for total replacement. Our licensed and insured team of roofing experts can handle any type of residential roofing repair, from cracked or missing shingles to improperly installed flashing. For urgent roofing repairs, we also offer 24-hour emergency service.

Tear-Off And Roof Replacement

When you have extensive structural damage, total roof replacement is inevitable. Roof replacement is costly, so we only recommend it when there’s significant damage regular repairs won’t fix. We completely tear-off your existing shingles and underlayment, inspect your roof deck repair or replacement requirements and install new roofing using top-tier materials. We use a five-part match roof system to perfectly complement your home.

Free Residential Roofing Estimates

We always recommend the most cost-effective procedure based on your roof’s current structural condition. Whether you need repairs or replacement, we explain your options and provide a free estimate before we begin. For reliable residential roofing services, contact us at 248-674-7237 to discuss your roofing concerns today.