How to Tell if You Need Roof Repair

A home’s roof is often taken for granted even though it’s the first barrier of protection between you and outside elements. It’s vital to have anything wrong with your roof repaired as soon as possible. Certain problems can leave your roof — and therefore your home — vulnerable to water and structural damage, and the problems will grow worse if left ignored. Look for the following signs that you need roof repair:

  • Sunlight in the attic— You can tell if there are major leaks in the roof by heading up to your attic in the afternoon when the sun is directly overhead. Turn off the lights and look for light leaking in through the roof. If light is leaking in, so will water, which means you’ll want to fix those leaks right away.
  • Water spots or leaks in the ceiling–– Water spots or leaks in the ceiling are a sure sign your roof is leaking. However, you’ll need a professional inspection to determine where the leak is since leaks can run sideways, which means that the source of the water spot or leak may not be directly above it.
  • Damaged vents and vent boots— If you have plastic vents or vent boots, look for cracked housings. If you have metal vents or vent boots, look for broken seams. Don’t attempt to fix them using caulk because that will solve the problem only temporarily. You’ll need to replace them instead. If you leave damaged vents or vent boots as is, you are inviting potential leaks into your home.
  • Loose or rusted flashing— Flashing is aluminum or galvanized steel that’s affixed to the joints of the roof, such as around the chimney or along the walls that intersect your roof, to help prevent leaks. If your flashing is rusted, it will need to be replaced. Loose flashing that’s not damaged can be put back into place.
  • Damaged or missing shingles— Shingles that have holes, tears or breaks, or are missing, need to be replaced to prevent further damage to the roof.

Identifying and fixing problems early can prevent the need to replace the entire roof, which is typically more expensive. To request a professional roof repair service in Michigan, contact us at Maple Roofing & Construction today.

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